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Babies in Playroom

Meet Our Founder

Dr. Ashley Ross

Ross Learning Academy was founded by Dr. Ashley Ross, an elementary school teacher. Over the past five years, the owner has gained a clear understanding of the foundation skills that students need before entering elementary school. While being a first-grade teacher, the owner found out that once students enter elementary schools, they lack the foundational skills that they need to possess before entering Kindergarten. Also, having a three-year-old son who can now read, count, identify numbers, and letters has inspired the owner to want to give the same learning opportunity to low-income families. They are oftentimes not provided high-quality education due to their economic status and background. The Ross Learning Academy wants to offer economically disadvantaged families an affordable education that offers enriched, fun, and high-quality instruction that will meet all children's learning needs.

The Ross Learning Academy provides children with instruction to enhance their cognitive, social, emotional, and physical well-being. The owner's goals are to provide low-income families with a childcare center that provides the children with the foundation skills they will need to obtain before entering elementary school. The owner believes that when students receive a quality education and the foundation skills needed before entering Kindergarten, the child gains a sense of love and belonging for school. Once a child has those foundation skills, the students will not lack the skills needed before entering primary school, and the primary teachers can build upon their prior knowledge and teach the required standards. All of the learning experiences will be appropriate for each age group, where students will learn all while having fun with hands-on activities. Overall, the Ross Learning Academy's purpose of providing quality-intentional teaching to meet all students' learning needs to ensure that they have the foundation skills to adapt to the world and new learning environments. The academy will change our low-income families' lives by providing the students with the enriched education that they would receive at a private center, where tuition is high and not accessible for all people.

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